FNS Middle East Transcripts

FNS Middle East Transcripts
FNS Middle East Transcripts

The same expert transcribers who produce transcripts of briefings at the White House,
State and Defense departments and many congressional hearings are now available to transcribe your events!

For 10 years, the skilled xxx transcribers of Federal News Service have provided news media, embassies, associations and businesses verbatim transcripts within an hour or two of governmental activities, including such memorable events as the “Irangate” hearings, Gulf War briefings, and Presidential election coverage and debates. Now, you can put this same highly trained transcribing team to work producing transcripts for your organization.

Simply provide us with a tape or a digital sound file of your event, tell us how quickly you want the transcript and whether you want a laser printed copy or a diskette/CD-ROM or both. We can also e-mail it to you if desired.

Whether you need translation to or from Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Malay, Indonesian, Arabic, French, German, Spanish or any other language, you can be sure you are paying the lowest rate for the highest quality work.

FNS has a network of in-country translators, including our own full-time Moscow and Jerusalem staff, which means you get the most accurate translation, done by skilled professionals with advanced degree who live in that country, understand the nuances of the language. We can translate documents overnight, so you can complete your business transaction the next day.

FNS International clients include such organizations as the U.S. State Department, United Airlines, US-Russia Business Council, United Nations, World Bank, law firms, international corporations, and educational institutions.
Established in 2002, the FNS Middle East Bureau tapes, translates and transcribes news and government events occurring throughout the Middle East in Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi and Turkish — bringing you the news you need straight from the source, with the same attention to detail and unbiased production standards you’ve come to expect from FNS Washington and FNS Moscow.

* The FNS Middle East Wire delivers all sides of the story to our newswire and database clients through transcript coverage of broadcast and print media sources as well as Arab, Israeli and Palestinian government briefings, legislative debates, and speeches and interviews of government officials. Related stories from of the US and international sources are also included, and transcription on demand of relevant press events is available.

Middle East Media. FNS Middle East monitors broadcast and print sources from throughout the Middle East to bring you the widest possible range of coverage. We produce verbatim transcripts and translations of interviews, speeches, press conferences, commentaries, and released statements.
Sources include: Al Ikhbariya, Al Manar, Israeli Knesset, Al Jazeera, Reshet Bet . The Israel Broadcasting Authority, Al Arabiya, Iranian Television, Al Sharq Al Awsat, Al Hayat, Voice of Palestine Radio, Israeli Army Radio, the United Nations, Palestinian Satellite Channel, Abu-Dhabi TV, and more. Transcripts are sent out as the events occur, throughout the day. To request a free 2-week trial, please fill out our trial request form.

Special Order Transcriptions. You can hire FNS Middle East to transcribe your next news event. Keep the transcriptions for your records, or use our services to distribute your news throughout the world. For further information.
Special Order Wire Distribution. You can hire FNS Middle East to distribute text of your news event or other newsworthy information to FNS newswire and database clients, numerous individual embassies, NGOs, government departments, and media bureaus worldwide. For further information, email
Translations. Fast, affordable translations to and from Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, French and English. For a listing of additional languages, please visit

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