Washington Transcript Service Verbatim, same-day transcripts including questions and answers, of

Major Congressional hearings. Speeches, statements and press conferences by administration leaders and spokespersons. Speeches, statements and press conferences by Congressional leaders and spokespersons. Presidential statements, press conferences and interviews including State of the Union.
White House briefings. State Department briefings.
Defense Department briefings. Justice Department briefings.
Homeland Security briefings. U.S. Trade Representative briefings.
Foreign Press Center briefings. Speeches and press conferences by visiting international leaders.
Political interviews on morning and weekend TV news shows.
Key speeches at Presidential political nominating conventions.
Presidential debates.
Completion Time: Speeches, press conferences, interviews and one or two hearings a day are completed the day they occur. We are generally covering around 5 to 7 hearings a day and those we don’t finish on the same day are completed within two business days.
Delivery: Available via Internet three ways:

In database format
Browser based wire service format at fast.fnsg.com. Transcripts are in sections of 2-3 pages each, the browser refreshes itself every few seconds.
Subscription Price and term: Price varies, depending on type and size of client. Call for information.

TV News/Public Affairs Monitoring, Video Tapes, Transcripts

FNS offers the fastest and most cost effective broadcast monitoring, taping and transcribing service available! We will monitor and provide you with daily or weekly reports summarizing every story concerning your interests broadcast on networks, cable and local news programs in more than 100 (and growing) markets. You can then order the actual video or verbatim transcript of whichever news segments you choose. Monitoring rates are based on how many keywords you want us to monitor for.

Video Rates

Minimum charge up to 5 minutes broadcast time $75
11-30 minutes broadcast time $98 31-60 minutes broadcast time $125
These charges apply to national, cable and regional Washington broadcasts. Call for pricing on out of town video clips.

Transcript Rates of TV Newscasts

Minimum charge $55 Half-hour program $185 Hour program $275

FNS NewsClips Online

Track what is being written today about your interests or issues in the online editions of more than 5,400 media web sites including daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, newsletters, trade publications, television and radio stations, cable news outlets and Internet only publications! The search parameters are totally customizable by you — you determine the keywords to search for, you determine the scope of your coverage — worldwide, nationwide, regional or even a single state, you determine when you want to receive e-mail reports telling you who wrote stories about your interests in the past 24 hours, a headline and story abstract, and live links to the actual stories. Unlike other clipping services that charge a low “reading fee” and then levy per-clip charges that can total thousands of dollars a month, FNS NewsClips Online charges one flat monthly fee, based on the scope of your search. Why wait days or weeks for a photocopied or faxed news clip, and spend more money than needed, when FNS NewsClips Online can deliver it today — and save you money?

Congressional Hearings Prepared Testimonies

The prepared written statements of witnesses at Congressional hearings. Available via the FNS database, the browser based wire service and the push service using NetReader software.

Washington Daybook

Comprehensive schedule of events occurring in Washington. Categories include Senate, House, White House, Federal Agencies, Economic Reports and General News Events, today, tomorrow and the next week or more. Available via the FNS database, the browser based wire service and the push service using NetReader software.

Middle East Transcript Service

The FNS Middle East bureau in Jerusalem tapes, translates and transcribes Middle East news and government events as they happen! This comprehensive coverage includes statements, briefings and press conferences of Middle Eastern political leaders and spokespersons; broadcast and print media interviews of Middle Eastern leaders; highlights of U.S. broadcast news coverage of the Middle East; Coalition Provisional Authority briefings in Iraq; Middle East briefings by the White House, State and Defense departments; and Middle East hearings in the U.S. Congress.

Sources include: Al Ikhbariya, Al Manar, Israeli Knesset, Al Jazeera, Reshet Bet, the Israel Broadcasting Authority, Al Arabiya, Iranian Television, Al Sharq Al Awsat, Al Hayat, Voice of Palestine Radio, Israeli Army Radio, the United Nations, Palestinian Satellite Channel, Abu-Dhabi TV, and more. Transcripts are sent out as the events occur. FNS Middle East.

Russian Transcript Service

Same day transcripts in English of press conferences, briefings, statements and interviews by Russia’s political leaders and spokespersons. Available via the FNS database, the browser based wire service and the push service using NetReader software. Transcripts in Russian are available from FNS Moscow.

Special Order Transcribing Service

The same expert transcribers who produce transcripts of hearings, briefings and Presidential speeches can be hired to transcribe your event. FNS will transcribe audio or video tape you provide, or tape and transcribe events by special order. Price depend on length of event and whether we have to send a person to tape it.

Translation Service

FNS can have documents translated to or from a variety of languages including Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian, Polish, Korean, Slovak, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, and of course French, German and Spanish. Cost varies based on length of document and how fast the translation is needed. Call for rates.

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